A Good Time For Print Ads

While we tend to focus on online marketing, don’t forget about print media for your ad campaigns. According to Entrepreneur.com’s Print Ads: A Bargain for Buyers there are deals out there now for newspaper and magazine ads.

Their main advice? Haggle over price the same way you would when buying a new car…

The best time to get a deal is the day before the deadline. Ad sales staff will be ready to bargain then, knowing they’ll be running unpaid public service ads or house ads for their own services if they don’t fill all their space.

And the deadline is rapidly approaching for the holidays if you want to get your ad published in a magazine, which usually has more of a lead time for their issues.

Included in your ads should be a toll free telephone number and your website address. Both of these should be ‘qualified’ or tracked so you can determine the return on your advertising dollars.

That may mean a special landing page on your site with a bonus or coupon so you can tell which ad is being responded to. By using your web address in the print ad you can spend less on the ad and feed prospects into your online sales funnel.

Which magazines do you use? When doing your original business research you should have subscribed to all of the magazines in your product niche. Start with those, but there are other options.

In Dan Kennedy’s Marketing to the Affluent, he mentioned a top of the line playground equipment maker advertising in magazines like Upscale and Billionaire. Executives felt guilty about missing time with kids or grandkids and didn’t think twice about spending $25,000 on a play set for them.

It can pay to think outside the box.