Can Google Mobile Search Help Local Businesses?

Google has announced that it is adding location oriented suggestions in it’s Mobile searches. This is in regular Google search, not just Google Maps.

It is, according to Google,

an improvement to search suggestions offered on Android powered devices and iPhone. Now, Google will offer suggestions based on the phone’s current or last location, making the suggestions more relevant.

From the comments on Google’s Mobile blog the effort has started off with spotty results, but the idea its that eventually you will just have to start typing a search into on you mobile phone and search suggestions will load based on your location.

This will be an advantage for local businesses because potential customers don’t always know to use Google Maps to find your business, although you have to turn on “Save recent locations” and “Allow use of device location” under the Settings link on the home page to use the new feature.

The point is, that with advancing technology it will become even easier for people to find your business using their mobile phones.