New Bot Infecting Routers And DSL Modems

There’s a new bot on the net called “Chuck Norris” trying to infect your router or DSL modem. If it’s successful it redirects your browser to a malicious web page that tries to install a virus, then looks for other vulnerabilities on your network.

It can also steal non-encrypted (non-SSL connections) private information and be used to attack other systems like most botnets.

This bot is new, but the attack method is not. It finds routers using default passwords or uses a basic password guessing program to install itself. Because it’s on your router, your anti-virus software can’t see it.

The solution is relatively simple. If you think your router or modem has been infected, just unplug the power source for 30 seconds or so and it should remove the bot from the RAM.

Next, make sure you have a strong password on your router. Look up how to access your router or modem’s interface in the manual that came with it or do a search on the web with the make and model for instructions on how to change the password.

Your router is like the front door to your computer(s). Using the default password is like leaving your front door unlocked.