Home Office Small Business Security Checklist

Just a quick security checklist for all small business offices and office computers…

  • A hardware firewall (router) protecting all business computers – can be upgraded to a SMB security device for larger offices
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi Network
  • Employee Training
    • Don’t download or install software
    • Limit use of USB drives
    • Don’t divulge passwords

The following should be on all business computers…

  • Secure Profile Login
  • Security Suite
    • Should cover all types of malware and optionally include secure web browsing (software checks for known malware sites)
    • Subscription valid and virus database updated daily
    • Full computer scan at least weekly
  • Data Backup System

The following should also be on all business laptops and smartphones although they can also be on office computers if susceptible to theft…

This is just a minimum. There are other options like disabling USB ports on employee computers, restricting employees to Limited User accounts, restricting Internet access, requiring re-login to Windows after a screensaver kicks in, etc.

How does your business stack up?