How To Transfer Large Files

The video below shows how to use your web host to transfer large files without using email attachments.

It’s a simple matter of creating a ZIP file, FTP it up to your web server and adding a link to it in your email to whoever needs to download it…

[flashvideo file= /]

Transferring files larger than 10 MB or so can be a pain. Most email inboxes are limited to 10 MB and your email will either be rejected or fill up their inbox so their other emails are blocked – not good in either case.

Well, if you have your own web site you can use your web server to transfer large files. You zip it up using something like 7-Zip (free), FTP it up to your web server using a program like Filezilla (free) and create a link to that file that you send to the email recipient. They download the file, extract it and Voila!