Microsoft Office vs Open Office Comparison

For years we have been recommending Microsoft Office Suite to our small business clients. Within the past year we have switched over to Open Office as a free office software suite that we recommend.

The video below shows how Microsoft Office and Open Office match up…

[flashvideo file=https://www.homeofficesmallbusiness.com/wp-content/videos/msofficevsopenoffice.flv /]

Here is a summary of my recommendations:

For a home office – Open Office

For a small business (less than 5-10 employees) – Open Office with maybe one employee/computer having Microsoft Office.

For larger businesses that have collaboration between departments you might consider the collaboration and edit tracking features available through MS Office.


For heavy or interactive database use Microsoft Access is better than OpenOffice Base.

For heavy PowerPoint users Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 has a lot more bells and whistles than OpenOffice Impress.

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