Security Hole In All Vista and Windows 7 Computers: Gadgets

In July two guys,  Mickey Shkatov and Toby Kohlenberg, gave a briefing at the annual Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas about the vulnerabilities associated with Microsoft Gadgets. You know, those handy little things you can put up on the sidebar of your Vista or Windows 7 desktop.

windows gadgets

Well, not only is there the distinct possibility of downloading a ‘malicious’ gadget, Microsoft’s pre-installed gadgets also have a security vulnerability.

The fix? Disable the gadgets.

How? Go to  Halfway down the page under the “Fix it for me” section click on the ‘Fix it’ icon above “Disable Windows Sidebar and Gadgets”.

You’ll have to download and run the ‘Fix it’ program and restart your computer when you’re done, but it’s one less security hole you’ll have to worry about.