Home Office Away From Home Office

It used to be “home away from home”. But if you have a home office, what do you do if you occasionally need a real office?

Let’s face it, there are a few drawbacks to running a business from your home office – having your home address on business cards, having meetings with clients at your house, and sometimes it just gets lonely.

What do you do if you sometimes need a real office or want to interact with other entrepreneurs? How about a real office that costs as little as $100/month?

It’s called co-working. That’s where you lease part of a communal office that provides a desk, conference area, Internet access, business mailing address, or even a receptionist for a daily or monthly fee.

A recent article from Florida Trend talks about the co-working facilities in my state.

Depending on the location and package, co-workers will have access to a conference table with other co-workers or their own desk for the day, for as little as $100 a month. High-speed internet access and coffee are standard amenities; for extra fees, co-workers can add a receptionist and mailing address.

These shared offices generally have added business services like web design or marketing assistance to help pay the bills.

Do a Google search for ‘coworking’ or ‘shared office space’ in your area. You might be surprised.