Small Businesses – Use Online Business Directories

Awhile ago I posted Online Search Beating Yellow Pages which explained that more and more people are searching online for local businesses.

I came across a video from that goes into using online business directories to your advantage…

By adding your business to online directories as well as Google and Yahoo local search you increase your web visibility, get links to your web site and improve your search rankings.

Many online business directories are free. The ones that cost money will have to be decided on based on your advertising budget.

Here are some places to get your business name on the web…

Google Local Business Center

Yahoo! Local


Universal Business Listing

Many of these sites will appear on mobile phones now also. Get your business out there!

[Addendum – 8/22/2009]

One directory I forgot to mention is You can sign up for a free listing.

According to Search Engine Watch AT&T will be powering Microsoft’s new Bing search engine’s local search results with its database.