Patches From Adobe And MS Coming Tuesday

On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 both Microsoft and Adobe will be releasing patches to close vulnerabilities.

Microsoft will be releasing a massive patch on its regularly scheduled ‘patch Tuesday’. This will include a patch discovered two weeks ago that I mentioned in a post on the New Vista Exploit. Microsoft decided to wait for its normal patch schedule to release the fix rather than coming out with a special patch.

The whole patch download (13 bulletins covering 34 security vulnerabilities) will cover products that include Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Silverlight, Microsoft Forefront, Developer Tools, and SQL Server.

Also on Tuesday Adobe will release a patch to plug a flaw in its PDF Reader/Acrobat software is being exploited by malicious attackers as part of their quarterly update schedule.

The vulnerability affects Adobe Reader and Acrobat version 9.1.3 and earlier.