10 Words I Don’t Want To Hear Next Year

Here is my list of the top ten words that have been used and abused this year, in no particular order…

Transparency – a holdover going all the way back to the 2008 presidential election. Let’s see, how many bills were there that were written behind closed doors and weren’t read before passage? If you want transparency I guess you have to go to WikiLeaks.

Uncertainty – The Congress didn’t pass a budget, didn’t pass any appropriations bills and left America wondering about tax rates until two weeks before the end of the year. But hey, if you wait for zero uncertainty you never get anything done. The one thing that’s certain is that the national debt is going up, up, up.

Stimulus – We’ve had the $700 billion TARP, the 2009 $800 billion stimulus package, the new 2010 $800 billion dollar tax (stimulus) package and the over $2 trillion stimulus from the Fed and now $600 billion more in QE2. Any more stimulus will be using a government-certified cattle prod.

Social Justice – Why is it that anytime the word “social” is involved it means taking money from those who earned it and giving it to those who haven’t.

Bipartisan – Supposedly what America has been clamoring for. Not me. High spending, high borrowing conservatives are the enemy. Higher spending, higher borrowing liberals are the enemy. When they get together it just makes matters worse.

Human Rights – It used to be that you had the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Now it includes housing loans, health care, Internet access, cable TV and any other damn thing they can think of as long as someone else is paying for it.

Children and Grandchildren – As if they are the ones to whom we’re leaving our debt. I hate to tell you this, but it’s to the point where it’s us, too. The national debt is fast approaching $14 TRILLION! I predict that within the next 10 years no one will loan the government any more money. That means WE will have to start paying down the debt.

Greed – I won’t go so far, as in the movie Wall Street, to say ‘Greed is good’. But the liberals think that the free-market system is made up of nothing but greedy bastards who will throw their mothers under a bus for a dollar or two. President Obama actually said a doctor will not treat your kid’s sore throat so he can make more money cutting her tonsils out, that a doctor will not treat your diabetes so he can make more money amputating your feet. Our own damned President said that! He won’t be happy until the government determines what you are allowed to keep as profit, for the social good, of course.

Fair Share – The big question is who decides what’s “fair”? Almost 50% of workers pay no federal income tax. According to the latest figures from the IRS, the top 5% of earners, who make 35% of income, pay 59% of income tax. Is that fair? Not according to Democrats, who think the 5% should be paying even MORE. Whatever happened to “equal treatment before the law”?

Climate Change – It used to be “Global Warming” but everyone was freezing their asses off, so they changed it to “climate change”. That means if it rains too much it’s your fault. If there’s a drought it’s your fault. If it’s too hot it’s your fault. If it’s too cold it’s your fault. If there’s a hurricane it’s your fault. What to do? Take the one element that all life on earth is based on, that you create with every breath you take – carbon – and TAX IT. Problem solved!

Add your most overused and abused words to the comments section below…